92 MIO. Company addresses from 208 countries – Buy addresses for target group analysis, market segmentation, acquisition, dialogue marketing, location analysis

You want to attract new customers and therefore buy addresses? For many years, GMP has been supporting companies in acquiring new customers and maintaining customer loyalty: our business is based on providing first-class German and international company addresses for marketing and sales. In addition, we qualify company addresses and data according to customer requirements, coordinate the acquisition of potential through our partners if required and, if necessary, participate in concrete sales work in the acquisition of new customers. Customers appreciate the personal advice and dedicated work.

The quality of gelfert address company addresses Germany and company addresses International – leads since the founding of the company to the highest customer satisfaction. Real-time databases, knowledge of markets and selection criteria are often the deciding factors for success in dialogue with the target group. The fact that we have been dealing with address optimization for more than 25 years, our customers use for successful direct marketing in direct mailings, telephone marketing and for the development of sales databases.

In addition to providing accurate company addresses, customers benefit from our enthusiasm for sales: We are happy to participate in concrete sales work and ensure effective implementation from a single source with our partners in corporate address business, telephone marketing, online marketing, lettershop, advertising and creation.

If you are looking for high-quality company addresses from Germany, Europe or worldwide, appreciate first-class advice and want to achieve measurable success, we look forward to hearing from you.

Dipl.-oec. Detlev Gelfert

Company addresses Germany

  • 4.5 million company addresses in Germany, top selections and individual target group consulting

Company addresses International

  • 92 million international company addresses from 208 countries, target group consulting, market potential analysis

Lead generation online + offline

  • targeted address qualification, prospective customer acquisition
    via online marketing and telephone marketing



Companies with high import and export activities in Asia

The target group for all international transport services, logistics companies, insurance companies and others