Are you looking for the largest logistics companies, companies with a large vehicle fleet, medium-sized companies with trucks or just any company with a truck fleet?

Companies with trucks, with a minimum starting at 7.5 t, are a very interesting BtB target group for all companies for which the topic vehicle fleet plays a central role: insurance companies, software providers, products around the topic of route planning, fuel cards, service cards, etc. Available are these company addresses with fleet information in combination with other selection criteria and additional data. Use the potential of this target group for your new customer business!

Selection criteria:

  • Regions / Sales Areas
  • founding year
  • company size
  • Number of employees
  • turnover

Available additional data:

  • Decision makers / contact persons
  • domain
  • company phone number
  • economic Activity Index
  • GEO data
  • and other on demand


Company addresses from typical industries with focus on truck fleet are at your disposal:

  • Mining, mineral oil, stone and earth extraction
  • Food, beverage and beverage manufacturers
  • Feed manufacturer
  • Printing industry manufacturer
  • Asphalt manufacturer
  • Technical oils and greases manufacturer
  • Mineral oil processing / refineries
  • Bitumen manufacturer
  • Chemical industry manufacturer
  • Plastic and rubber manufacturer
  • cement products manufacturer
  • Metallurgical plants, iron, steel and rolling mills
  • Steel and light metal components manufacturer
  • Steel and metal forming companies
  • Iron and metal manufacturer
  • Electrical engineering, electronics and EDP manufacturers
  • Machinery, equipment manufacturers
  • Engines and engine parts manufacturer
  • Furniture manufacturer
  • Recycling companies
  • industrial waste companies
  • waste management companies
  • garbage and rubble removal companies
  • Construction
  • Civil engineering companies
  • local and long-distance transport companies
  • transport and logistics company
  • urban cleaning companies


Numbers nationwide or regionally we count for you on demand. Are you also interested in other countries? We also offer addresses for other countries, Europe and worldwide. Request your offer at