International company addresses, additional data and market potential overviews worldwide

For your advertising campaigns in the German-speaking area, in Europe or worldwide, you will receive detailed market potential overviews as well as first-class company addresses and additional data. Our country know-how not only helps you to select the right company addresses, you also benefit from recommendations for the implementation of your advertising. Upon request, we coordinate your campaign in the respective country via our partners in the destination country.

Choose your target groups for sales, marketing, advertising and purchasing from over 160 million business addresses, 195 countries and approx. 7,000 different industries. You receive the highest quality and topicality through country-specific real-time databases.

Available company addresses by continents, countries and main industries:


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Information about quantities in individual countries can be found here:

The main branches are:

  • Manufacturer
  • construction industry
  • craft
  • Wholesale
  • retail trade
  • service
  • Agriculture

Available additional data / selection criteria depending on the country:

  • Telephone number (central office)
  • Internet addresses
  • Industry sectors
  • Turnover size classes
  • busy classes

For your advertising campaigns in individual countries, we provide detailed market potential overviews from all relevant target markets.


You will receive countings such as “Companies Russia”, “Companies Turkey”, “Companies Spain” or from any relevant country of your choice within a very short time, broken down according to NACE industry code (“Nomenclature statistique des activités économiques dans la communauté européenne”). In Europe, most businesses and organizations are oriented towards this classification system.

(You need software to view PDF files, such as Adobe Reader)

Our service for you: You provide us with your desired industries and we “translate” the codes for you.

But not only the quality of the addresses, but also our country know-how will help you in selecting the right addresses and in the implementation of the advertising campaign.

For individual advice means for us not only to offer you the right company addresses, but also to show you the possibilities of receiving the highest possible acceptance from the addressee with your advertising:

  • country-typical characters
  • Increase your advertising success by using the country-specific characters and also write the mailing in the local language instead of e.g. in English. This creates trust and increases acceptance. We deliver you the country-specific characters.
  • campaign management


We support you in carrying out your campaign in the respective country through our partner companies (company address partner, advertising agency, lettershop, call center)

For up-to-date information on target groups and selections, see News.

Market potential analyzes available so far:

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  • Market Potential Analysis “Companies Turkey
  • Market Potential Analysis “Addresses Europe
  • Market Potential Analysis “Addresses in Switzerland
  • Market Potential Analysis “Turkish Companies
  • Market Potential Analysis “Addresses Spain
  • Market Potential Analysis “Companies International
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